Australia’s First Electric “Trackless Tram” Undergoes Trials in Perth

The City of Stirling in Perth has introduced Australia’s first electric “trackless tram” in a trial to determine its suitability for operating in the city. The 30-meter tram will be tested along a 7-kilometer stretch of Scarborough Beach Road, between Glendalough Train Station and Scarborough Beach.

Funded by $2 million from the federal government’s Urban Congestion Fund, this trial aims to assess the viability of trackless trams as a less disruptive and cost-effective alternative to traditional light rail systems. Developed by Chinese manufacturer CRRC, the trackless tram offers similar benefits to light rail while being easier and cheaper to build.

The trial, set to begin in the coming weeks and run until November, will evaluate various aspects of the trackless tram’s performance. These include charging capacity and battery performance, maneuverability, turning circles, and user experience. As part of the trial, the tram will be available for locals and stakeholders to ride, providing valuable user experience testing.

To coincide with the trial, a Net Zero Transit Symposium will be held, bringing together experts from around the world to discuss the latest net zero transit options. This event will offer attendees the opportunity to see the trackless tram in action.

The introduction of Australia’s first trackless tram highlights the city’s commitment to exploring innovative and sustainable public transport solutions. If successful, this trial could pave the way for wider adoption of trackless trams across the country.

Source: Joshua S. Hill, Australian journalist specializing in climate change and clean technology [Note: No URLs provided]