Charge Your Car Day: Maintaining Your Vehicle’s Battery for Optimal Performance

October 5th, 2023 marks ‘Charge Your Car Day,’ a day that serves as a reminder to maintain the health of your vehicle’s battery. CTEK, a leading provider of battery charging solutions, has conducted research revealing that half of the vehicle batteries currently on the road are not performing at their best, leading to an increase in battery-related breakdowns.

According to the RAC, up to 40% of all breakdowns in the UK result from battery failure, with a significant number of these breakdowns caused by drained or flat batteries. Even for electric vehicles, a discharged 12V battery is one of the main reasons for breakdowns, as reported by breakdown rescue provider Start Rescue. To prevent inconvenient and costly breakdowns, CTEK is urging motorists to consider the health of their battery on Charge Your Car Day.

One common concern when it comes to charging a battery is the cost. However, recharging a car battery requires minimal energy and is more cost-effective than replacing the battery entirely, which can cost up to £130. The energy required to recharge a car battery is equivalent to watching five hours of TV, less than cooking in an electric oven for an hour, playing on a game console for three hours, or doing two loads of laundry.

Maintaining the health of a hybrid or electric vehicle’s battery is also crucial. The 12V auxiliary battery, responsible for operating essential accessories such as lighting and heating, requires routine maintenance to perform optimally. While the battery is charged through the car’s internal DC-DC system, it only reaches 100% charge when connected to an external battery charger like the CTEK MXS5.0. For lithium-ion batteries in new EVs, setting a charge limit of 80-90% is important to prevent degradation, although most vehicles have this capability built in.

Regular maintenance charging helps prevent sulfation and keeps the battery in optimal condition, reducing the risk of breakdowns. In the event of a breakdown, CTEK’s CS FREE adaptive booster is a reliable alternative to traditional jump starters. This booster utilizes adaptive boost technology, ensuring a safer start and minimizing the risk of battery or electrical system damage.

CTEK has been at the forefront of battery charging solutions for over 25 years, providing reliable and easy-to-use chargers. Their chargers assess the battery’s health and apply the correct voltage for recharging and reconditioning, ensuring peak performance. With Charge Your Car Day, CTEK aims to raise awareness about the importance of regular battery maintenance in saving money and prolonging battery life.

Whether you’re an auto enthusiast, a conscientious commuter, or simply dependent on your car for transportation, taking care of your vehicle’s battery is crucial. By maintaining your battery’s health, you can reduce breakdowns, extend battery life, and minimize costly repairs. This year, CTEK encourages everyone to keep moving, stay charged, and celebrate the hard work of the humble car battery.

– Sulfation: The process in which sulfuric acid in the battery combines with lead plates, reducing the battery’s capacity and ability to hold a charge.
– Lithium-ion battery: A type of rechargeable battery commonly used in electric vehicles and portable electronic devices.

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– Research by the RAC
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