Beam Global Completes Initial Deployment of Solar-Powered EV Charging Systems for Global Automotive Giant

Beam Global, the leading provider of sustainable products and technologies for electric vehicle (EV) charging, energy storage, energy security, and outdoor media, has announced the successful completion of the initial deployment of their EV ARC™ solar-powered off-grid EV charging systems for a well-known global automotive company.

The CEO of Beam Global, Desmond Wheatley, expressed his excitement about working with a top automotive manufacturer, emphasizing that this partnership serves as a validation of their product’s capabilities and highlights the growing mainstream adoption of their technology. While specific details cannot be disclosed at this time, the partnership signifies a significant milestone in the adoption and development of Beam Global’s products.

EV ARC™ charging systems are unique in their ability to be rapidly deployed at scale without any construction or electrical work. These off-grid systems are 100% solar-powered, generating and storing their own clean electricity, which can be delivered to any quality brand charger chosen by the customer. The EV ARC™ units are pre-installed with the EV charger at the factory, making them ready for immediate use upon arrival at the customer site.

One notable feature of the EV ARC™ system is the optional Emergency Power Panel, which provides 120V and 240V electric outlets during grid outages or emergencies, serving communities and first responders.

Beam Global offers ready-to-deploy sustainable EV charging solutions with its EV ARC™ products. For more information on purchasing these advanced charging systems, interested parties can contact The Beam Team.

About Beam Global
Beam Global is a clean technology leader that specializes in providing innovative and sustainable products and technologies for EV charging, energy storage, energy security, and outdoor media. Their product lineup includes the EV ARC™ and Solar Tree® sustainable EV charging systems, Beam AllCell™ high-performance energy storage solutions, and an extensive patent library. The company is committed to developing unique clean mobility solutions that protect the environment, save customers time and money, empower communities, and promote clean transportation.

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