Royal Enfield Diesel Bullet Restored and Transformed into a Classic 350: Here’s How

Royal Enfield is renowned for its retro-modern motorcycles, but did you know that the brand once produced a diesel engine Bullet called the Diesel Taurus? In a recent video shared by Rebel the Biker Boy on YouTube, an old diesel Bullet motorcycle has been beautifully restored and converted to emulate the Classic 350.

The owner of the motorcycle approached a workshop in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, to restore their old diesel Bullet. Although it was not an original Royal Enfield model, it was a version manufactured by Sooraj Tractors in Punjab after Royal Enfield discontinued the diesel Bullet.

To make the motorcycle usable and aesthetically pleasing, the workshop decided to give it a complete makeover and transform it into a Classic 350. The entire motorcycle was stripped down, and rusted and non-functional parts were replaced. Some panels were also swapped out, and modifications were made to the frame to accommodate components from the Classic 350.

The mechanic also made changes to the engine, such as converting the 4-speed gearbox to a 5-speed unit. The gear lever and brake pads were also repositioned for better functionality. The motorcycle now features aftermarket projector headlamps and a matte olive green finish. Additionally, Royal Enfield’s original alloy wheels and disc brakes were added.

One of the notable additions to the motorcycle is the inclusion of a self-start feature. This was added to alleviate the challenges of starting an old Royal Enfield, which is notorious for kickbacks. The mechanic also installed a plug inside the side cover for convenient battery charging.

The restored diesel Bullet is powered by a 325-cc, single-cylinder, Lombardini indirect injection engine, producing 6.5 Bhp and 15 Nm of torque. Its top speed is 65 kmph, and it was known for its impressive fuel efficiency, offering a claimed economy of 86 Kmpl.

Overall, the transformation of this diesel Bullet into a Classic 350 showcases the skill and craftsmanship of the workshop in restoring and customizing motorcycles, breathing new life into a vintage machine.


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