President Biden and Donald Trump Vie for Working-Class Voters in Michigan

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are both focusing on winning the support of working-class voters in Michigan as the United Auto Workers (UAW) continues its strike against major auto companies. President Biden plans to join UAW workers on the picket line in Detroit, showing support for the union’s demands for higher pay and highlighting the Democratic Party’s ties with organized labor. This move is seen as unprecedented in the history of the Democratic Party’s relationship with unions. On the other hand, Donald Trump, the frontrunner for the 2024 Republican nomination, will hold a rally with current and former union members in Michigan, where he will speak directly to working-class voters about his opposition to electric vehicles, a source of concern for auto workers.

The battle for working-class voters in Michigan is crucial as they could swing the state and other Midwest states in future elections. In 2016, Trump won Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania by gaining support from white, non-college educated voters and making inroads with union voters. In 2020, Biden was able to reclaim these states by improving his performance with union voters. Trump aims to chip into Democrats’ historical advantage with union voters to win Michigan back in 2024.

However, Trump’s appeal to union workers may face challenges as his rhetoric does not align with the policy agenda of unions, especially at a time when organized labor is enjoying widespread popularity. Biden’s decision to join the picket line carries some risk, as he wants to be known as a pro-union president but also wants to avoid economic repercussions from a prolonged strike. Nevertheless, he has committed to standing with the UAW workers, emphasizing their right to a fair share of the automakers’ profits.

– Detroit Free Press
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