Blink Charging Co. and Parkopedia Partner to Expand Electric Vehicle Charging Network in North America

Blink Charging Co., a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, has announced a partnership with Parkopedia, a popular connected car services provider. Under this agreement, more than 4,000 of Blink’s charging stations will be integrated into the Parkopedia platform, offering greater accessibility for EV drivers in North America.

With this integration, Blink’s impressive network of nearly 12,000 charging stations, including 129 DC Fast Chargers, will be available to Parkopedia users. Parkopedia is widely used by both car manufacturers and drivers to locate nearby parking spaces, pay for parking, and access information on charging stations, fuel availability, and tolls across 90 countries.

The partnership between Blink Charging Co. and Parkopedia fills a critical need for EV drivers who often struggle to find convenient and reliable charging options. By expanding the reach of Blink’s charging network through Parkopedia, EV drivers will have enhanced visibility and seamless access to charging stations throughout North America.

Blink Charging Co.’s stock has recently experienced a decline of 73% year to date. However, this partnership has the potential to boost the company’s growth and address the increasing demand for EV charging infrastructure. As the adoption of electric vehicles continues to rise, expanding the availability of charging stations is crucial for supporting the transition to sustainable transportation.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Blink Charging Co. and Parkopedia marks an important milestone in expanding and improving the accessibility of EV charging infrastructure. This partnership will undoubtedly benefit EV drivers in North America and contribute to the overall growth of the electric vehicle industry.

– Blink Charging Co.
– Parkopedia