Ahmed Khan, Bollywood Director, Drives His Custom-Built Batmobile to Watch Batman Movie with Wife

Ahmed Khan, a popular Bollywood director, is not only known for his successful movies but also for his impressive car collection. Among his prized possessions is a truly unique car that stands out from the rest – a Batmobile. In a video shared by Viral Bhayani on YouTube, Ahmed Khan can be seen driving his custom-built Batmobile to a mall in Mumbai to watch a Batman movie with his wife.

The Batmobile, inspired by Michael Keaton’s iconic version in the 1989 Batman film, holds a special place in the hearts of superhero movie fans. Considered to be a character in the Batman series of films, the Batmobile always generates excitement whenever a new Batman movie is announced.

This particular Batmobile is not made in India but has been assembled in the country by Mumbai-based Executive ModCar Trendz. The process took approximately 8 months to complete. Manufactured by Gotham Motors, a USA-based brand, the Batmobile features exceptional detailing and unique features.

Under the hood, Ahmed Khan’s Batmobile is powered by a 4.7-liter petrol engine with twin turbochargers, delivering an impressive maximum power of 463 Bhp and a peak torque of 700 Nm. With its iconic V8 burble, this car certainly makes a statement. While the video does not show the interior of the Batmobile, reports suggest that Ahmed Khan spent around Rs 40 lakh on this custom-made vehicle.

Interestingly, Ahmed Khan is not the only individual in India to own a Batmobile. Billionaire businessman Adar Poonawalla also has a custom-made Batmobile in his garage, based on a Mercedes-Benz S-Class luxury sedan.

As the popularity of Batman movies continues to soar, the Batmobile remains an iconic symbol in the superhero universe. Ahmed Khan’s Batmobile is a testament to his passion for Batman and his love for unique and extraordinary automobiles.


– Source Article: Bollywood actors, directors, and their expensive car collections are subjects that we frequently feature on our website. While most of them possess costly cars, only a few are genuine enthusiasts.
– YouTube Channel: Viral Bhayani on YouTube (Video Link)
– Manufacturer: Gotham Motors (USA)
– Assembler: Executive ModCar Trendz (India)
– Other Batmobile Owner: Adar Poonawalla, billionaire businessman