Carolina Beach Welcomes New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Carolina Beach residents and visitors can now rejoice as Shark Charging, a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, has installed five EV charging ports in the area. Located at 1140 Lake Park Blvd, right across from the town hall, these charging stations are conveniently placed for easy access.

This initiative marks the flagship location of Shark Charging’s ambitious plan to establish a network of 20 EV charging sites throughout the coastal Carolinas. The company aims to contribute to the growing demand for EV infrastructure and promote sustainable transportation options in the region.

With the newly installed charging stations, EV owners can now fuel up their vehicles while visiting Carolina Beach. The stations offer Level II ports and direct current fast-charging capabilities, ensuring a quick and efficient charging experience. These advanced charging ports are eight to ten times faster than standard home charging, which means EV owners can spend less time waiting for their vehicles to charge and more time enjoying their time in the area.

Furthermore, Shark Charging’s charging stations cater to a wide range of EV models. Equipped with CCS1, CHAdeMO, and NACS adapters, they can accommodate all current production EVs, ensuring compatibility and convenience for electric vehicle owners.

To celebrate this significant milestone, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held, which saw the presence of U.S. Rep. Charlie Miller, Carolina Beach town officials, and representatives from the Carolina Beach Chamber of Commerce. The event showcased the commitment of all the stakeholders involved in promoting sustainable transportation and embracing new technologies.

For further information or any inquiries, you can contact Shark Charging at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are the EV charging stations located in Carolina Beach?

The EV charging stations are located at 1140 Lake Park Blvd, across from the Carolina Beach town hall.

2. How fast are the charging ports?

The charging ports offer Level II charging and direct current fast-charging abilities, which are eight to ten times faster than standard home charging.

3. Can all electric vehicles charge at these stations?

Yes, the charging stations come equipped with CCS1, CHAdeMO, and NACS adapters, making them compatible with all current production electric vehicles.