Car Models with the Best and Worst MOT Pass Rates in 2023

New data has revealed the car models and brands that are most and least likely to pass an MOT. According to data from the DVSA provided to LeaseLoco, the Peugeot 307 has the lowest first-time MOT pass rate of any car in 2023, with only 48.3% of vehicles passing. Surprisingly, the car with the highest rate of failure for a dangerous defect is produced by a brand known for safety. More than half of Peugeot 307s tested have failed their MOT this year.

French cars appear to have poor MOT records, with six out of the top 10 worst-performing models being French brands. The Peugeot 307 is joined by the Peugeot 207 and 206, with pass rates of 50.6% and 52.7% respectively. Other models with low pass rates include the Citroen Xsara and Renault Grand Scenic.

On the other hand, Lexus models have the highest first-time MOT pass rates. The Lexus UX SUV has an incredible pass rate of 95.4%, while the older RX model has a pass rate of 93.7%. The Jaguar I-Pace, an electric vehicle, also features in the top 10 with a pass rate of 90.8%.

The variation in pass rates can be attributed to various factors, including how well owners prepare their cars for the MOT test. Car leasing comparison website LeaseLoco advises motorists to carry out basic pre-MOT checks and ensure regular servicing throughout the year to improve their chances of passing.

In terms of car brands, Ferraris have the highest first-time pass rate at 89.9%, while Chevrolets and Chryslers have the lowest pass rates at 55.4% and 62.2% respectively. Renault, Citroen, and Alfa Romeo are among the brands with the worst records.

Overall, the data highlights the importance of being proactive in maintaining and preparing vehicles for MOT tests to ensure they are roadworthy and safe.

– DVSA data provided to LeaseLoco
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