New Industrial Park to be Established in Dharmapuri District

The government of Tamil Nadu is taking steps to set up the first industrial park in Dharmapuri, a backward district in the state. The park, which will cover an area of 698 hectares, has received the necessary Terms of Reference (ToR) to obtain environmental clearance. Sites in Adhagapadi, Adhiyamankottai, Thadangam, and Balajangamanahalli villages have already been allocated for the industrial park by the government.

The selected location for the park meets the criteria set by the Union Environment Ministry and is near existing manufacturing units of electric vehicle (EV) cars and scooters in nearby Bargur and Hosur. This proximity makes the project attractive to industries. However, only certain types of industries will be permitted in the park, such as EV product manufacturing, metallurgical processing, and electrical and electronics industries. No red-category industries will be allowed.

The chosen site for the industrial park consists mostly of poramboke land (owned by the government) and some dry patta land. This means that there will be no agricultural land directly impacted by the establishment of the park. Additionally, industries in the park will be required to implement a zero liquid discharge system to minimize environmental impact.

The establishment of this industrial park has been a long-awaited development for the people of Dharmapuri, as the district currently lacks any significant industries. The majority of the population relies on agriculture for their livelihood. The park’s location near electronic hubs like Bargur, Hosur, and Bengaluru is expected to attract businesses and create job opportunities for the educated youth in the area.

Sources: Express News Service

– Industrial park: An area planned and developed for the location of industrial facilities, often including spaces for manufacturing, warehouses, and support infrastructure.
– Environment clearance: A process by which the potential impact of a proposed project on the environment is assessed and an approval is given based on the findings.
– Terms of Reference (ToR): A set of guidelines or criteria provided to an organization or agency to define the scope and requirements of a particular task or project.
– EV (Electric Vehicle): A vehicle that is powered by electricity instead of an internal combustion engine.