Chinese Nissan Pathfinder prioritizes luxury over ruggedness

The Chinese version of the Nissan Pathfinder showcases a more refined and luxurious design compared to its rugged US counterpart. The front end of the vehicle features a sleek LED daytime running light that stretches across the width of the car, although it no longer includes the illuminated “Pathfinder” logo seen in the concept version. The grille is adorned with horizontal chrome strips, reminiscent of the ones used on the Versa. Unfortunately, the production version of the Chinese Pathfinder does not include the embedded lights in the grille seen in the concept model.

The Chinese Pathfinder offers multi-spoke wheels, which are likely to be an optional feature for higher trims. These wheels resemble the ones found on the Nissan Leaf. Alternatively, simpler wheels are available for lower trim levels. Additionally, photos of the Chinese Pathfinder reveal the presence of an optional black roof and a panoramic moonroof, both of which contribute to the vehicle’s luxurious appeal.

In summary, the Chinese version of the Nissan Pathfinder takes a more elegant and upscale approach compared to the US model. With its distinctive LED daytime running lights, chrome-accented grille, and optional features such as multi-spoke wheels, black roof, and panoramic moonroof, the Chinese Pathfinder aims to provide a luxurious driving experience for its customers.

– LED daytime running light: A type of lighting system integrated into a vehicle’s front end that enhances visibility and safety during the day.
– Chrome strips: Decorative elements made of chrome-plated material that are used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle’s grille.
– Panoramic moonroof: A large, full-length sunroof that extends over the entire roof of the vehicle, providing an unobstructed view of the sky.
– Nissan Leaf: An all-electric vehicle produced by Nissan, known for its environmentally friendly features and technology.

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