Fiat Topolino Micro EV Now Available for Order in Italy

Fiat has officially opened orders for its all-new Topolino micro electric vehicle (EV) in Italy, with pricing starting from €7,544 ($8,065) for the closed-roof model. The Topolino is an electric heavy quadricycle that shares many similarities with the Citroen Ami and Opel Rocks Electric. Since the launch, Fiat has already received over 10,000 pre-orders, indicating strong interest in this compact EV.

The estimated delivery date for the Topolino is set at 19 weeks, with the first units expected to reach buyers in January 2024. To ensure a seamless ordering and delivery process, Fiat offers online tracking for Topolino owners, allowing them to stay updated on the exact location of their vehicle until it reaches their doorstep.

The Topolino is available in a single color option, Vita Green, and features retro-style wheels. This simplifies the ordering process by eliminating the need for customers to choose between multiple configurations. Additionally, Fiat offers flexible financing options, including monthly installments of €39 ($42), which is equivalent to the cost of a monthly public transport pass in Italy.

The Topolino is designed primarily for urban commuting, with a compact size and modest performance. It features a small electric motor powered by a compact battery pack, providing a range suitable for daily city travels. With its affordable price and low operating costs, the Topolino aims to be an accessible and eco-friendly transportation solution for urban dwellers.

As an electric heavy quadricycle, the Topolino falls within the regulatory category for small electric vehicles that are limited to low speeds and restricted road usage. This makes it an ideal choice for city driving, where maneuverability and ease of parking are crucial factors.

– Carscoops