China Develops Revolutionary Battery Technology for High-Powered Weapons

China has made significant advancements in battery technology, developing a revolutionary lithium battery that could have a transformative effect on the defense industry. The battery, known as the 40165 battery, has a record power density and can release all of its energy in just 12 to 36 seconds, with a full recharge taking only three minutes. This performance gives it a C-rate of 100C to 300C, making it a lightweight and compact power source for high-energy weapons.

The battery was developed using existing manufacturing equipment and a mature raw material supply chain, making it suitable for mass production at a relatively low cost. It has the potential to be used in weapons such as high-energy electromagnetic guns, subsonic weapons, electromagnetic launchers, laser weapons, and active phased array radars. The paper highlighting this breakthrough states that the battery will meet the power supply requirements of these advanced weapons.

China has been investing heavily in developing futuristic weapon systems, including high-speed projectile weapons, microwave weapons, and laser-based weapons. These systems require a power source that can release large amounts of energy quickly, be cost-effective, safe, and readily available on a large scale. The 40165 battery addresses these requirements and has the potential to significantly enhance China’s defense capabilities.

The battery’s development was a collaboration between the China Automotive Engineering Research Institute in Chongqing and other research institutions. The battery uses ordinary lithium battery technology without any special processes, making it ready for mass production. The researchers believe that the technology could also have civilian applications, particularly in heavy-duty vehicles that require high power.

The development of this revolutionary battery technology underscores China’s commitment to becoming a leader in the electric vehicle industry and advanced technology sectors. With their dominance in the global electric vehicle supply chain and significant advancements in lithium battery technology, China continues to strengthen its position as a global leader in these areas.

Source: Article based on information from the South China Morning Post and China Military