Giant Leap Towards Sustainability: Great Yarmouth Council’s Electrifying Transformation

In a resolute commitment to a greener future, Great Yarmouth Borough Council has taken a significant stride towards its sustainability goals. Cabinet members have wholeheartedly approved a proposal that will revolutionize the council’s operations by replacing its current fleet of vans with eco-friendly electric vehicles.

The move comes as part of an overarching strategy to bring services previously managed by Norse back under the direct control of the council, with the transition set to be completed by September next year. At present, the council’s fleet of vans faces frequent breakdowns due to their deteriorating condition, incurring exorbitant maintenance costs of around £7,000 per vehicle. Additionally, the annual running expenses tally up to over £420,000, which is projected to accumulate to a staggering £2.1 million over five years.

By embracing electric vehicles, the council aims to not only curb maintenance expenses but also reduce its carbon footprint. A remarkable precedent was set last year when the council conducted successful trials of electric bin lorries in Caister-on-Sea. Building upon this triumph, the decision to introduce electric vans into the fleet marks a significant milestone in the council’s green agenda.

Cllr Carl Smith, leader of Great Yarmouth Borough Council, enthusiastically welcomed the transformative move, hailing it as a long-term money-saving solution. Complementing this shift, the council intends to expand the availability of electric charging points and currently endeavors to empower staff by offering electric vehicles for personal use. To alleviate any additional energy costs incurred, the council has pledged to shoulder the burden and cover the expenses.

The council’s spokesperson echoed Cllr Smith’s sentiments, remarking, “This momentous decision propels us further on our path towards achieving our Net Zero goals. We eagerly anticipate witnessing an ever-growing fleet of electric vehicles in our ranks.” It is undeniably a decisive leap towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.


Q: What is Great Yarmouth Borough Council’s new proposal?
A: Great Yarmouth Borough Council has approved a proposal to replace its existing fleet of vans with electric vehicles.

Q: Why is the council making this change?
A: The decision is part of the council’s green fleet strategy, aiming to reduce maintenance costs and minimize the carbon footprint.

Q: How much does it currently cost to maintain the council’s fleet?
A: The council spends approximately £7,000 per vehicle annually for maintenance, totaling over £420,000 per year.

Q: What other eco-friendly initiatives has the council undertaken?
A: The council conducted trials of electric bin lorries in Caister-on-Sea, demonstrating its commitment to sustainable practices.

Q: How will the council support staff in using electric vehicles?
A: The council plans to offer electric vehicles to staff members who can charge them at home, covering any additional energy costs.