A Luxurious Electric Land Rover Designed for Superyacht Owners

Everrati, a UK-based automotive company known for their electric vehicle conversions, has introduced a new bespoke EV conversion specifically designed for superyacht owners. The vehicle, called Shore Tender, is a classic Land Rover Defender that has been extensively restored and transformed into an all-electric luxury off-roader. This conversion was done in collaboration with superyacht designers Bannenberg & Rowell and superyacht specialist brokers Edmiston.

The Shore Tender features various luxury amenities including a sailcloth roof awning, reclaimed ocean plastic floor panels, and removable doors and capstans for easy storage. It also boasts a custom champagne chiller in the hood bulge, picnic hampers, and storage space for equipment and towels under the benches. The exterior paint can be customized to match the owner’s superyacht, and custom duffel bags made from sailcloth and embroidered with the yacht’s name can be included as part of the package.

The conversion is equipped with a bespoke electric powertrain and features OEM-grade components, regenerative braking, and AC and DC fast charging capabilities. However, specific power and energy storage figures have not been disclosed by Everrati. The Shore Tender is designed to be recharged while on the water, but it’s important to note that many superyachts still use diesel engines with high emissions.

Everrati has not announced the price of the Shore Tender, but considering that a regular road-going Defender build starts at $225,000 (£185,000), it can be assumed that the electric conversion will be even more expensive.

Overall, the Shore Tender offers a luxurious and eco-friendly transportation option for superyacht owners who want to explore land after docking their yachts. It provides a seamless transition from sea to land, allowing owners to continue their luxury experience on the road.

Sources: Everrati, Bannenberg & Rowell, Edmiston