New Updates and Insights on the Tesla Cybertruck Production

The highly anticipated Cybertruck Delivery Event is just around the corner, and there have been some exciting developments in the world of Tesla’s Cybertruck. Let’s take a look at some important events, updates, and videos that have surfaced in recent weeks as we approach the big day.

Tesla’s Gigafactory in Austin, Texas will be the venue for the Cybertruck event, serving as the automaker’s global headquarters as well. Due to the high demand, Tesla had to conduct a random drawing to select attendees as the space at Giga Texas couldn’t accommodate all the investors, influencers, and Referral Program prize winners.

One significant development is the rain testing of the Cybertruck at Giga Texas. Tesla has set up a rainmaking device, resembling a car wash, that enables them to test the vehicle’s water resistance. A container-like chamber is placed in an open area, and a water tank with multiple pumps is attached to the container. Unfortunately, there is no footage of the Cybertruck entering the container, but it’s a crucial step to ensure the vehicle’s ability to resist water ingress in various conditions.

In addition to the rain test, a video captured the Cybertruck performing an impressive 360° turn on a wet surface. While not as dramatic as the Rivian R1T Tank Turn, this maneuver showcases the Cybertruck’s advanced 4-wheel steering feature. The turning radius of the truck is remarkable considering its length of 18.6 feet.

As for production status, Tesla is currently scaling up Cybertruck production at Giga Texas. Although the exact numbers are yet to be revealed, a large number of underbody castings and door panels were spotted at the factory. Tesla CEO Elon Musk mentioned during an earnings call that it will take around 12-18 months to reach significant production levels. However, expectations should be kept low until then.

Excitement is building as the Cybertruck Delivery Event draws near. Stay tuned for more updates on Tesla and the highly anticipated Cybertruck.