New Electric Vehicle, GWM Ora 03, Arrives in South Africa

The highly anticipated GWM Ora 03 has finally made its way to South Africa, offering customers an affordable electric car option. Priced from R686,950 to R835,950, the GWM Ora 03 is the country’s least expensive electric vehicle, making it an attractive choice for eco-conscious consumers.

Unlike other affordable electric cars on the market, the GWM Ora 03 is positioned as a funky compact hatch alternative to the Mini Cooper SE. With its stylish design and modern features, it aims to cater to those looking for a more unique and fun driving experience.

During the national launch event held in Gauteng, we had the opportunity to spend some time with the GWM Ora 03 and explore its features. The car, designed by former Porsche designer Emanual Derta, carries influences from Stuttgart, evident in its adorable looks and sleek design. The front end is undeniably cute, while the back end shows hints of inspiration from the Nissan Leaf.

Equipped with a single electric motor that delivers 126kW of power and 250Nm of torque to the front wheels, the GWM Ora 03 offers a smooth and responsive driving experience. Although it may not be a high-performance vehicle, it has more than enough power for everyday driving needs. Additionally, the Ora 03 features an ‘e-pedal’ mode that maximizes regenerative braking, helping to recharge the battery while on the move.

Inside the cabin, the GWM Ora 03 offers a screen-centric design, which may not be the most user-friendly while driving. However, the base model comes equipped with a pair of 10.25-inch screens, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, wireless phone charging, and synthetic leather seats with power adjustment. The range also includes various driver assist features, such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keeping Assist, and Auto Emergency Braking.

In terms of range, the GWM Ora 03 is available in two battery sizes. The base model, called ‘300 Super Luxury,’ offers a claimed range of 310km on a single charge, while the other three versions come with a larger battery providing up to 420km of range.

As with any electric vehicle, it is important to consider the cost of charging and maintenance. GWM estimates that a full AC charge at home will cost between R170 and R250, while a DC fast charging session can cost up to R300. However, the cost-per-kilometer of driving an electric car is significantly lower than that of a petrol car.

Overall, the GWM Ora 03 presents an appealing option for those in the market for an affordable electric vehicle. Its stylish design, respectable range, and competitive pricing make it a strong contender in the growing EV market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the price range of the GWM Ora 03 in South Africa?

The GWM Ora 03 is available in four derivatives, priced from R686,950 to R835,950.

2. What is the driving range of the GWM Ora 03?

The GWM Ora 03 is sold with two battery options. The base model has a claimed range of 310km, while the other versions offer up to 420km of range.

3. How much does it cost to charge the GWM Ora 03?

Charging the GWM Ora 03 at home using AC power can cost between R170 and R250. Charging at a DC fast charging station can cost up to R300.

4. What are some notable features of the GWM Ora 03?

The GWM Ora 03 offers features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, wireless phone charging, adaptive cruise control, and various driver assist systems.

5. What is the warranty coverage for the GWM Ora 03?

The GWM Ora 03 comes with a seven-year or 105,000km service plan, a seven-year or 200,000km general warranty, and eight years or 150,000km coverage for high-voltage parts.