Driver Tries to Insure Car While Being Pulled Over for Mobile Phone Use

In a bizarre incident in Worcestershire, a driver attempted to insure his car while being questioned by the police for using his mobile phone while driving. The incident took place in Frankley on September 15th.

The driver, whose name was not disclosed, allegedly tried to obtain “day insurance” for his Audi at the roadside, in an attempt to deceive the police into believing that he already had insurance coverage. However, his actions raised suspicions among the officers.

“He had tried to take out the policy at the roadside 15 minutes into the 20-minute traffic stop in an attempt to make us believe he was already insured,” said PC Ryan Clarke of West Mercia Police, who carried out the stop.

The driver was subsequently issued a traffic offence report for using a mobile phone while driving and for driving without insurance. Furthermore, his Audi was seized by the police.

PC Clarke revealed that the police had verified the driver’s details with relevant insurance companies, which revealed the exact time of his attempt to obtain insurance. The stop was carried out by officers from Bromsgrove as part of their participation in “national Fatal Four operations.” These operations aim to target and address the main contributing factors to serious injuries and fatalities on the road, which include inappropriate speeds, driver distractions like mobile phone use, lack of seatbelt use, and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Incidents like these highlight the dangers of using mobile phones while driving, as well as the importance of having valid insurance coverage. Engaging in these risky behaviors not only puts the driver’s life at risk but also endangers the lives of other road users.

Source: West Mercia Police, BBC News