Driverless Taxis in San Francisco Face Major Accident

A driverless car from General Motors Co.’s Cruise unit was involved in a serious accident in San Francisco on Monday. The incident occurred when the driverless vehicle came to a stop on top of a pedestrian who had been struck by a hit-and-run driver. The car had to be lifted off the trapped woman by rescue crews, and she was subsequently taken to the hospital with severe injuries. The San Francisco Police Department has confirmed that Cruise is cooperating with the investigation.

Following this news, General Motors’ shares fell 3.3% in late afternoon trading. The incident raises concerns about the safety of driverless vehicles and their ability to navigate complex urban environments.

In August, the California Public Utilities Commission expanded the driverless taxi services offered by Alphabet Inc.’s Waymo and GM’s Cruise in San Francisco. The resolutions allowed both companies to offer paid rides at any time of day and with an unlimited number of vehicles. These expanded services are part of the ongoing push to integrate autonomous vehicles into everyday transportation.

While autonomous vehicles have the potential to transform the way we travel, incidents like this highlight the need for proper safety precautions and thorough testing. The accident serves as a reminder that there are still challenges to overcome before driverless vehicles can be widely deployed.

– Wall Street Journal
– California Public Utilities Commission

(Note: This article is a work of fiction and not based on real news)