Younger Drivers Leading the Shift towards Electric Vehicles

A recent independent study has revealed a significant trend among younger drivers, showing that they are nearly three times more likely to make their next car purchase an electric vehicle (EV) compared to older generations. The research indicates that 53% of 25-34-year-olds are now considering replacing their current vehicle with an EV, a notable increase from the previous year. Similarly, the study found that 40% of 35-44-year-olds and 32% of 45-54-year-olds are also contemplating the switch to electric mobility. On the other hand, the over 55s group showed the least inclination towards adopting EVs.

As the popularity of EVs continues to soar, road safety organizations like SOGO are taking proactive measures to ensure safer driving experiences for motorists. With Road Safety Week 2023 approaching in November, SOGO is urging more new drivers to embrace EVs and acquaint themselves with the associated technology. In this spirit, the company is offering a free EV driving day at the Hertfordshire County Showground in St Albans on February 17, 2024. This initiative aims to provide drivers with firsthand experience and knowledge of EVs, familiarizing them with the differences between electric and traditional petrol or diesel vehicles.

Karl Howkins, managing director of SOGO, emphasizes the importance of enhancing safety when transitioning to EVs, given that many drivers have limited exposure to this type of vehicle. He draws attention to the unexpected acceleration of EVs due to instant torque, which can be advantageous in certain driving situations but may require some adaptation. By organizing the EV-safe driving day, SOGO aims to promote safer motoring practices and deepen participants’ understanding of EV technology and controls.

To facilitate the widespread adoption of EVs, SOGO offers flexible leasing options starting from just four weeks. This flexibility allows drivers to enjoy the experience of driving a new vehicle every month if they choose. The company believes that short-term leasing will play a crucial role in increasing EV ownership before the ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles comes into effect in 2035.

Q: What age group is most likely to choose an electric vehicle for their next car?
A: Younger drivers, specifically those aged 25-34, are nearly three times more likely to opt for an electric vehicle compared to older drivers.

Q: What safety measures is SOGO taking to encourage safer EV driving?
A: SOGO is organizing a free EV driving day where participants can gain hands-on experience with EVs and learn about their technology and controls to ensure safer motoring.

Q: What are the advantages of EVs in terms of acceleration?
A: EVs have instant torque, which enables them to accelerate much faster than traditional petrol or diesel cars.

Q: What leasing options does SOGO offer for EVs?
A: SOGO provides flexible leases starting from four weeks, allowing drivers to have a new vehicle every month if desired.

Q: When is the ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles scheduled?
A: The ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles is set to take effect in 2035.