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This article provides information about the website made by BBC Studios Distribution. BBC Studios Distribution is a commercial company that is solely owned by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). It is important to note that no funds from the licence fee were used to create this website. Instead, the profits generated from the website are reinvested in BBC programme-makers to support the development of new and exciting BBC programmes.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a well-known and respected British public service broadcaster. It produces a wide range of television and radio programs that are enjoyed by audiences both in the UK and around the world. The BBC is funded through various sources, including the television licence fee paid by UK residents.

BBC Studios Distribution operates as a separate entity within the BBC. Its primary focus is to distribute BBC content to international markets. This includes selling finished programs, formats, and content rights to broadcasters and streaming platforms globally. By distributing BBC content worldwide, BBC Studios Distribution plays a crucial role in sharing British television and radio content with audiences worldwide.

The website created by BBC Studios Distribution serves as a platform to showcase and promote BBC programs and content. It provides a user-friendly interface for viewers to access information about BBC shows, view trailers, read about the cast and crew, and learn more about the production process. The website may also feature links to official BBC merchandise stores and provide updates on upcoming program releases.

In conclusion, BBC Studios Distribution, a commercial company owned by the BBC, has created this website to promote and distribute BBC programs and content. The website generates profits that are reinvested into supporting the creation of new and innovative BBC programs. For fans of BBC content, this website serves as a valuable resource to explore and engage with their favorite television and radio shows.

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