New Aircraft Merger to Revolutionize Motorcycle Industry

Inpixon, a key player in indoor data management, recently announced its merger agreements with XTI Aircraft and Damon Motors, paving the way for groundbreaking developments in both the aerospace and motorcycle industries. Post-merger, Inpixon will rebrand as XTI Aerospace, focusing on the development of the innovative TriFan 600 aircraft, in addition to continuing its real-time location system offerings. The merger is expected to be finalized within the current quarter.

The TriFan 600 project has already garnered significant attention, with over 700 pre-orders received, amounting to a potential revenue of over $7 billion. This revolutionary aircraft combines the characteristics of a helicopter and a business jet, providing vertical takeoff and landing capabilities and the speed and range of an executive jet.

While the aerospace developments are certainly exciting, the merger with Damon Motors has also captured the attention of industry enthusiasts. Damon Motors, known for its HyperSport electric motorcycle, has secured more than $85 million in pre-production consumer reservations. The company has a vision of becoming a global leader in safer and smarter motorcycles. Its flagship HyperSport model, equipped with an impressive collision warning system called CoPilot, has already received significant funding and consumer interest.

The merger between Inpixon’s subsidiary, Grafiti Holding, and Damon Motors is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2024, subject to certain conditions. Through this merger, Inpixon shareholders will have the opportunity to benefit from two separate publicly traded companies, maximizing shareholder value.

Damon Motors plans to offer concierge servicing for its electric bikes in multiple locations, starting with California, Florida, and Texas, and expanding nationwide. With supply chains in Northern Europe, Taiwan, and the US, Damon Motors aims to avoid reliance on suppliers from China.

As we dive into Inpixon’s financial health, it is important to note that while the company has shown growth potential, with its market cap at $9.13 million and a revenue growth of 30.66% in the last twelve months, it has also experienced a net operating loss of $43.28 million. The company’s stock performance has been underwhelming, with a negative price return of 97.8% in the past year.

Potential investors should approach with caution and consider exploring additional insights and tips provided by InvestingPro. It is always crucial to thoroughly evaluate a company’s financial position before making investment decisions.


What is the TriFan 600 aircraft?

The TriFan 600 is an innovative aircraft developed by XTI Aerospace, formerly known as Inpixon. It combines the capabilities of a helicopter and a business jet, offering vertical takeoff and landing capabilities along with the speed and range of an executive jet.

What is Damon Motors known for?

Damon Motors is known for its HyperSport electric motorcycle, which has gained popularity due to its advanced safety features and high performance. The company aims to become a global leader in the motorcycle industry, particularly in the electric-powered segment.

What is the merger between Inpixon and Damon Motors?

Inpixon, through its subsidiary Grafiti Holding, is set to merge with Damon Motors. This partnership will create new opportunities for both companies and their shareholders, with Inpixon shareholders benefiting from two separate publicly traded entities.

What are some financial insights about Inpixon?

While Inpixon has shown potential in terms of market cap and revenue growth, it has also incurred a net operating loss. Additionally, its stock performance has been negative over the past year. Potential investors should exercise caution and consider further evaluation of the company’s financial position.