EG Group and Tesla Partner to Revolutionize EV Charging Infrastructure in Europe

EG Group has recently announced an unprecedented collaboration with Tesla, aiming to transform the landscape of EV charging infrastructure across Europe. This ambitious partnership will see EG Group’s network of 600 chargers expand to an impressive target of over 20,000. This not only marks Tesla’s first agreement with a third-party operator in Europe but also represents a significant step towards achieving net-zero emissions in the transportation sector.

The collaboration between EG Group and Tesla goes beyond the traditional boundaries of partnerships in the EV charging industry. Under this agreement, Tesla’s ultra-fast charging units will be rebranded as “evpoint” and operated on an open network. This means that all EV drivers, regardless of their vehicle’s make, will have access to these cutting-edge charging technologies. Additionally, these chargers will support the Plug and Charge protocol, making the payment process more seamless and enhancing the overall user experience.

The decision to operate an open network is a revolutionary approach that prioritizes inclusivity and accessibility in the EV market. It sets an example for future infrastructure developments, aligning with the UK’s commitment to expanding public EV charging devices. As of October 1, there were just over 49,000 public EV charging devices in the country.

Zuber Issa CBE, Founder and co-CEO of EG Group, expressed his excitement about the partnership. He emphasized that the acquisition of Tesla’s advanced charging units is a significant milestone for the evpoint brand. The company’s ambition is clear: to accelerate the delivery of essential charging infrastructure that will facilitate the transition to a sustainable future.

The expansion plan laid out by EG Group is both ambitious and necessary. With already 600 chargers deployed across 189 sites, the company has prepared a pipeline for the rollout of over 20,000 chargers. These chargers will be distributed across approximately 3,600 of their own sites, with additional opportunities at third-party locations also being pursued.

The impact of this collaboration extends beyond EG Group and Tesla. By making their charging hardware available to other industry leaders, Tesla is driving innovation and competition within the EV charging infrastructure sector. This approach has the potential to accelerate the shift to sustainable transport by promoting affordability and efficiency.

Moreover, this partnership opens up new revenue streams for Tesla. By selling their charging units to third parties, they can expand the reach of their technology beyond their vehicle customer base, leveraging their reputation for innovation and reliability in the charging sector.


Q: What is the significance of EG Group’s partnership with Tesla?

A: This partnership aims to revolutionize EV charging infrastructure in Europe, expanding EG Group’s network from 600 chargers to over 20,000.

Q: Will EV drivers of all makes have access to the “evpoint” chargers?

A: Yes, the chargers will operate on an open network, providing universal access to all EV drivers.

Q: How will the payment process be simplified?

A: The chargers will support the Plug and Charge protocol, automating and streamlining the payment process for users.

Q: What is the expected impact of this partnership on the EV charging industry?

A: By making their charging hardware available to other sector leaders, Tesla is promoting collaboration, innovation, and competition within the industry, potentially accelerating the shift to sustainable transport.

Q: How does this partnership benefit Tesla?

A: Selling their charging units to third parties allows Tesla to expand their technology’s reach and tap into new revenue streams beyond their vehicle customer base.