The Evolution of Electric Vehicles in Saskatchewan

The Saskatoon Electric Vehicle Expo, also known as Charged-Up, has become a significant event for electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts and innovators in Saskatchewan. The expo showcases the rapid progress made by the electric transportation industry in the province.

President of Sask-EV, Malcolm Lucy, highlights the significant improvement in charging infrastructure since 2018. Rapid chargers have been installed throughout the province, including in Saskatoon and major highways. Non-Tesla vehicles now have access to these charging networks, making it much easier and more flexible for EV owners to charge their vehicles and travel to various locations.

The transformation is not just limited to infrastructure; there is also a diverse range of EVs on display at the expo. Local companies are taking an active role in contributing to the EV industry. For example, a Saskatoon-based firm has introduced an electric vehicle specifically designed for transporting miners to and from their work sites.

One of the most impressive showcases at Charged-Up was a project by Myles Wright, an engineering student. Wright converted a gas-guzzling Dodge half-ton truck from the 1970s into an electric vehicle. By using around 24 golf cart batteries and an electric motor kit, Wright was able to give new life to an old vehicle, reducing its reliance on gasoline.

The electric vehicle landscape in Saskatchewan is continuously evolving, with ongoing infrastructure expansions. Sask-EV believes that there has never been a better time to own an electric vehicle in the province. Events like Charged-Up serve as platforms for showcasing the latest innovations in the EV sector.

Overall, the progress made by the electric vehicle industry in Saskatchewan is impressive. With increased charging infrastructure and innovative vehicle conversions, the province is embracing the electric revolution.

– Sask-EV President Malcolm Lucy