Renault’s Affordable Electric Cars to Hit the European Market

Renault is set to revolutionize the European electric car market with its upcoming lineup of affordable vehicles. While other manufacturers, such as Dacia with its current model, rely on imports from China, Renault is taking a different approach by building its cars in Europe. According to Reuters, the Slovenian plant in Novo Mesto will produce the “Legend”, the latest addition to Renault’s electric car family.

The Legend is destined to be an uncompromising city vehicle, designed to meet the needs of urban dwellers. With a projected energy consumption rate of just 10 kWh/100 km, it promises to be a highly efficient and sustainable option. Renault’s long-term vision includes the production of approximately one million electric vehicles every year, positioning them as a major player in the market by 2031.

Renault has already announced its plans for future models. The Renault 5, set to hit the market in 2024, will be available at a starting price of around 25,000 euros, while the electric Scenic is also on the horizon. In 2025, Renault will introduce the Renault 4 and the Legend, both priced under 20,000 euros. This diverse range of vehicles aims to cater to a range of consumer preferences and budgets. Additionally, Renault plans to introduce two more second-generation vehicles to its lineup by 2031.

To emphasize their commitment to innovation and independence, Renault has renamed their electric platforms. The CMF-EV, previously used for vehicles in the C-segment, is now called AmpR Medium. The CMF-B EV, utilized for B-segment electric cars, is now known as AmpR Small.

Renault’s ambitious goal is to reduce variable costs by 40 percent with the introduction of their second-generation electric cars. This cost reduction will be achieved through various means, including a 50 percent reduction in battery costs, 25 percent reduction in electric drive costs, and overall efficiency improvements in manufacturing and supply chain operations. By prioritizing affordability and brand reputation, Renault aims to make electric cars accessible to a wider audience, ensuring a greener and more sustainable future for all.


Q: When will the Legend be available on the market?
A: Renault’s Legend is expected to launch in 2025.

Q: What is the starting price of the Legend?
A: The Legend will be priced under 20,000 euros.

Q: How many electric models does Renault plan to introduce by 2031?
A: Renault plans to launch seven electric models by 2031, with an annual production target of approximately one million vehicles.

Q: What are the new names for Renault’s electric platforms?
A: The CMF-EV is now called AmpR Medium, and the CMF-B EV is now referred to as AmpR Small.

Q: How does Renault plan to reduce costs for their second-generation electric cars?
A: Renault aims to achieve a 40 percent reduction in variable costs by introducing cost-saving measures in areas such as battery, electric drive, platform, body structure, manufacturing, and supply chain operations.