New Zealand Car of the Year 2023: A Diverse Lineup of Finalists

The Motoring Writer’s Guild has unveiled the ten finalists for the highly anticipated 2023 New Zealand Car of the Year award. These prestigious awards, now in their 36th year, recognize excellence and innovation in the automotive industry. This year’s finalists represent a wide variety of brands and vehicle types, showcasing the industry’s progression towards sustainable mobility.

Among the contenders are seven fully-electric models, highlighting the growing popularity and advancement of electric vehicles in New Zealand. The finalists in this category include the BMW i7, Cupra Born, Ford Mustang Mach-E, Hyundai Ioniq 6, Lexus RZ 450e, Mercedes-Benz EQE, and MG4. These electric vehicles have proven themselves as market leaders in terms of performance, technology, and eco-friendliness.

For those who prefer a hybrid or internal combustion engine, the Nissan X-Trail and Peugeot 308 also made it to the final round. The X-Trail stands out for its unique e-Power unit, while the Peugeot 308 offers a plug-in hybrid solution. This diverse lineup reflects the industry’s commitment to providing options for a wide range of consumer preferences.

Motoring Writer’s Guild president, Robert Barry, emphasizes the significance of the increasing number of electric vehicles among the finalists. He believes that this trend highlights the approaching price parity between low-emission models and their internal combustion engine counterparts. With the Clean Car Discount scheme in place, manufacturers are motivated to offer more environmentally friendly options.

The voting guild members, consisting of 22 respected motoring journalists from across the country, will deliberate over the coming months to determine the winner. The announcement of the 2023 New Zealand Car of the Year is scheduled to take place in February 2024, where one exceptional vehicle will be crowned the victor.


Q: How are the finalists chosen for the New Zealand Car of the Year award?
A: The finalists are selected by the Motoring Writer’s Guild, comprising 22 motoring journalists from across New Zealand. The cars must have been launched in New Zealand as all-new models between October 2022 and October 2023.

Q: How many electric vehicles are included in the finalists?
A: Seven of the ten finalists are fully electric vehicles, emphasizing the industry’s shift towards sustainable and low-emission solutions.

Q: When will the winner of the New Zealand Car of the Year award be announced?
A: The winner will be announced in February 2024, following the deliberation and voting process by the Motoring Writer’s Guild members.