Facelifted 2025 BMW I4 Gets New Lights, But More EV Miles Is What It Needs

Facelifted 2025 BMW I4: The Quest for More EV Miles

The facelifted 2025 BMW I4, also known as the Electric Gran Coupe, is receiving visual updates similar to the ICE 4-Series. While the new lights and refreshed exterior are undoubtedly appealing, what the BMW I4 truly needs is an improvement in its electric range.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular as people strive for more sustainable transportation options. The BMW I4 is an all-electric vehicle that offers a stylish and sporty design combined with the latest EV technology. However, the key area where this vehicle falls short is its electric range.

The main highlight of the facelifted 2025 BMW I4 is its new lights, which bring the car up-to-date with the design language of the ICE 4-Series. These aesthetic updates are undoubtedly important for maintaining a modern and attractive appearance.

However, the real issue lies in the vehicle’s range. EV drivers are constantly looking for ways to maximize their driving distance on a single charge. The BMW I4, while visually appealing, needs to improve in this area to meet the demands of EV enthusiasts.

Fortunately, BMW has acknowledged this need for increased electric range in their future models. As the technology continues to advance, it is expected that upcoming versions of the BMW I4 will offer greater mileage on a single charge.

In conclusion, while the facelifted 2025 BMW I4 brings refreshing updates to its exterior, it lacks the necessary improvement in electric range. Electric vehicle enthusiasts are eager for EVs to offer longer distances on one charge, and it is hoped that BMW will address this need in future iterations of the I4.

1. Electric Vehicle (EV): A vehicle that runs on one or more electric motors powered by rechargeable batteries, rather than using internal combustion engines.
2. ICE: Internal Combustion Engine.

– Carscoops: Author: Chris Chilton. Title: “Facelifted 2025 BMW I4 Gets New Lights, But More EV Miles Is What It Needs.”