Introducing HiPhi A: A Groundbreaking Electric Hypercar Redefining Luxury Performance

HiPhi, a pioneering technology company, has unveiled the concept of their latest innovation – HiPhi A, an electric hypercar that is set to revolutionize the automotive industry. With its physical debut scheduled for the Guangzhou Auto Show in November 2023, HiPhi A promises unparalleled power and performance, capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just over 2 seconds.

The collaboration between HiPhi and WESAIL New Energy Automotive has resulted in the creation of this groundbreaking vehicle, which will be produced in a limited series run. Production and delivery are projected to commence in the first quarter of 2025, marking a new era in high-performance electric cars.

At the heart of HiPhi A lies its cutting-edge, in-house-developed high-performance powertrain. Utilizing an innovative 800V platform, the electric drive system consists of one front motor and two rear motors, enabling a peak power output of up to 1,305 PS. With the incorporation of carbon-fiber rotors and advanced cooling technologies, these motors offer exceptional power output for over 30 minutes. Remarkably lightweight and compact, they operate silently, providing an exhilarating and seamless driving experience. Additionally, the modular design allows for easy upgrades, ensuring that HiPhi A will continue to push boundaries long after its release.

Image courtesy of HiPhi

The design philosophy of HiPhi A reflects the vision of HiPhi for their future electric vehicles. This exquisite hypercar features a stunning combination of materials such as carbon fiber and a sleek matte-paint finish, showcasing the brand’s commitment to both performance and aesthetics. HiPhi is redefining luxury with its attention to detail, including wide front and rear wing panels, and strikingly wide tires that accentuate the car’s sporty appearance. The opulent interior boasts a digital cockpit and a driver-focused setup, providing both comfort and functionality.

Embracing innovation in every aspect, HiPhi A integrates the use of the first aircraft-grade TC4 titanium alloy in its interior and exterior trim. This revolutionary material, combined with aluminum alloys, nano-ceramics, and other advanced components in the chassis, reinforces the vehicle’s structural integrity and enhances overall performance. HiPhi further plans to collaborate with the Intelligent Manufacturing System Center of ShanghaiTech University, facilitating developments in material selection, structural design, printing simulation, and production processes.

Undoubtedly, HiPhi A’s exceptional power is complemented by its robust battery system. With the capability to unleash a peak power of 1.5 megawatts, the battery is fortified with a carbon fiber bottom shield and a fire-resistant top cover, ensuring both safety and optimal performance. HiPhi’s proprietary cloud control battery technology guarantees seamless integration and longevity.

Moreover, HiPhi A incorporates advanced features such as rear wheel steering and continuous damping adjustment, elevating the driving experience to unparalleled levels of refinement and control. The nearly equal weight distribution between the front and rear wheels provides exceptional balance and stability, enabling HiPhi A to effortlessly navigate every curve and brake with precision. By integrating Vectoring Control technology, HiPhi enhances cornering and braking performance, delivering a 15 percent improvement in cornering and a 10 percent improvement in braking.

David Ding, HiPhi’s Founder, Chairman, and CEO, lauds the collaboration and expertise that has brought HiPhi A to life. Ding defines the vehicle as a true work of art that showcases HiPhi’s luxury product concept, world-class development capabilities, and technical innovation.

In conclusion, HiPhi A emerges as a groundbreaking electric hypercar that combines power, luxury, and advanced technology into an extraordinary driving experience. With its stunning design, innovative engineering, and uncompromising performance, HiPhi A is poised to redefine the landscape of high-performance electric vehicles.


1. When will HiPhi A be available?

HiPhi A is scheduled to begin production and delivery in the first quarter of 2025, with a limited series run.

2. What is the top speed of HiPhi A?

Currently, HiPhi A promises a top speed of nearly 300 km/h.

3. What materials are used in the construction of HiPhi A?

HiPhi A features carbon fiber, aircraft-grade TC4 titanium alloy, aluminum alloys, and nano-ceramics in its chassis, ensuring strength and optimal performance.

4. What is the battery capacity of HiPhi A?

HiPhi A’s battery system is capable of releasing a peak power of 1.5 megawatts, delivering outstanding performance and endurance.

5. Does HiPhi A offer advanced driving features?

Yes, HiPhi A incorporates rear wheel steering, continuous damping adjustment, and Vectoring Control technology, enhancing cornering and braking performance.