Elon Musk Discusses Plans to Build Mega House in Texas, According to Biographer

According to a biography on Elon Musk written by Walter Isaacson, the Tesla CEO has discussed plans to build a mega house in Texas. Musk reportedly bought a horse farm near Tesla’s Gigafactory and the Colorado River in Austin, Texas. Instead of buying a house in the area, Musk decided to come up with ideas for building his own home.

During the summer of 2022, Musk discussed the project with architect Norman Foster, known for designing Apple’s headquarters. Musk described his vision for the house as something that “fell out of space” and resembled a shard of glass coming out of the lake on the horse farm. He even considered having his company, The Boring Company, create a tunnel from the house under the Colorado River to Tesla’s nearby factory.

While Musk has “put off building” the project, it drew attention internally at Tesla last year. The company launched an internal probe into purchases related to building a glass house for Musk. The Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission have also reportedly launched probes into the purchases.

Musk has denied the reports of building a house, stating that he is not building any kind of house, let alone a glass one. The apparent plans described in Isaacson’s book are unclear as to whether they are still in progress or related to the reported Tesla project.

The motivation behind Musk’s interest in building a house is to create a central home for his expanding family, as he has 11 known living children. Previously, Musk sold his homes and announced that he would no longer own a house to finance his plans to colonize Mars.

It remains to be seen whether Musk will proceed with building the mega house described in Isaacson’s book, but it is clear that he has big aspirations for his future home in Texas.

– Gigafactory: A term used by Tesla to describe its large-scale battery manufacturing plant.
– The Boring Company: An infrastructure and tunnel construction company founded by Elon Musk.
– Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC): A government agency responsible for protecting investors and maintaining fair and efficient markets.
– Department of Justice (DOJ): A federal agency responsible for enforcing the law and administering justice.

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