Marriott Partners With EV Connect to Simplify EV Charging for Properties and Guests

Marriott International, a leading hospitality company, has announced an agreement with EV Connect, a provider of charging infrastructure solutions, to streamline EV charging for its properties and guests. With the increasing number of electric vehicles on the road, establishing charging infrastructure has become a priority for the hospitality industry.

Through the agreement, Marriott properties will have access to EV Connect’s comprehensive set of products and services, enabling them to easily deploy, manage, and serve EV driver guests. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone for both EV Connect and Marriott, as it supports the expansion of the EV market and has far-reaching implications for the hospitality sector.

Ram Ambatipudi, Senior Vice President of Business Development at EV Connect, emphasized the importance of providing charging facilities for EVs in attracting sustainability-conscious guests. This collaboration between EV Connect and Marriott paves the way for the hospitality industry to meet the evolving needs of consumers who prioritize environmentally friendly travel.

The EV Connect charging platform offers an end-to-end solution, simplifying the set-up, management, and optimization of charging stations. Marriott property owners will have the flexibility to choose the charging hardware that best suits their locations, ensuring scalability and customization. Additionally, EV Connect Shield, a comprehensive warranty plan, provides peace of mind for property owners by offering maintenance and operational support.

Andrew Bodziak, Senior Vice President of Global Operations at Marriott International, expressed the company’s commitment to meeting guest expectations and sustainability goals. By partnering with EV Connect, Marriott can provide a turnkey service that simplifies the planning, installation, and maintenance processes while delivering the high-quality service their guests expect.

Marriott, with its vast portfolio of nearly 8,600 properties operating in various countries, aims to enhance the guest experience while making sustainable transportation options more accessible. Charging stations at Marriott properties will be visible on the EV Connect app, allowing guests to easily locate and pay for charging services.

This partnership underscores the combined efforts of EV Connect and Marriott to contribute to a more sustainable future. Marriott International continues to shape the modern hospitality industry, placing a strong emphasis on providing sustainable and convenient experiences for its guests.

To learn more about EV Connect’s end-to-end solution for Marriott properties and the enhanced EV travel experience, please visit the EV Connect website.


– EV Connect Press Release