Lucid Unveils Revolutionary Gravity SUV in Highly Competitive EV Market

Lucid, a prominent player in the electric vehicle industry, has made waves once again with the unveiling of its highly anticipated Gravity sport utility vehicle. As the demand for electric vehicles grows and caution looms over the industry, Lucid’s entry into the lucrative SUV segment is expected to have a profound impact on the market.

Priced below $80,000, the Gravity offers an impressive range of over 440 miles, placing it in direct competition with Rivian’s flagship R1S SUV. Set to hit production in late 2022, the three-row Gravity boasts a battery pack similar to Lucid’s flagship Air sedan, but with a brand-new platform that has been meticulously designed from the ground up.

During a recent preview, Lucid’s CEO Peter Rawlinson expressed his optimism for the Gravity’s market potential, stating that it would significantly expand their reach and tap into a rapidly growing addressable market that is nearly triple the size of their current target audience.

SUVs have been gaining considerable traction in the U.S., accounting for a significant portion of vehicle sales. Customers gravitate towards SUVs for their safety, comfort, spaciousness, and robust performance on long drives and off-road adventures. Therefore, the success of the Gravity is critical for Lucid’s future endeavors.

Amid concerns of a potential slowdown in EV demand due to inflation and high interest rates, EV manufacturers have engaged in a price war, led by Tesla. To generate further interest and demand, Lucid has not only reduced prices on its Air sedan but has also strategically adjusted its production targets to align with customer deliveries. Additionally, the company has intensified its marketing efforts to boost awareness around the Gravity SUV.

With the commencement of production, Lucid plans to capitalize on economies of scale, as both the Gravity and Air will be manufactured on the same assembly line. This streamlined approach will enable the company to control costs more effectively, ensuring a successful and sustainable future.

As Lucid continues to revolutionize the EV landscape, its impressive cash reserves and strategic decision-making contribute to its competitive advantage. With $5.45 billion in cash reserves and a clear vision, Lucid is poised to solidify its position as a key player in the burgeoning electric vehicle market.


1. What is the price of the Lucid Gravity SUV?

The Lucid Gravity SUV starts at under $80,000.

2. What is the expected range of the Gravity SUV?

The Gravity SUV offers a range of more than 440 miles.

3. When will the Gravity SUV go into production?

The Gravity SUV is expected to go into production in late next year.

4. What sets the Gravity SUV apart from other vehicles?

The Gravity SUV features a brand-new platform and a unique design, with a more square steering wheel and a 34-inch curved cockpit display.

5. How is Lucid addressing potential slowdowns in EV demand?

Lucid has adjusted its production targets and intensified marketing efforts to counter potential slowdowns in EV demand and boost consumer interest.