Tesla Cyberbeer Receives Mixed Reviews from Superfans

Tesla is known for its innovative electric vehicles and unique merchandise, but its latest offering, Tesla Cyberbeer, is receiving mixed reviews from loyal fans. Priced at $150, the matte black ceramic bottles and Cybersteins, designed to resemble the futuristic Tesla Cybertruck, have divided opinions among consumers.

While some enthusiasts have praised the design of the bottles and steins, others have criticized the quality and taste of the beer itself. On Untappd, a popular beer review platform, Cyberbeer has received a mediocre score of 3.26 out of 5 based on 662 ratings. Disappointed superfans have taken to social media to express their grievances, with one user describing it as “hot garbage” and expressing disappointment over the rusted lid and unpleasant taste.

It is worth noting that Tesla has released other unconventional products such as its branded tequila last year, which did not generate the same level of criticism. Even Elon Musk’s fragrance, Burnt Hair, sold out within days of its launch despite its eccentric concept.

Despite the negative feedback, the Cyberbeer sold out almost instantly, indicating that its popularity was driven more by Tesla’s branding and the allure of limited edition products than the quality of the beverage itself. The Helles Lager was described to have distinct flavors of herb, spice, tea, and citrus, but the unpleasant taste reported by some consumers contradicts these claims.

While this faux pas may disappoint some Tesla enthusiasts, it is unlikely to have a significant impact on the future release of special edition products by Elon Musk or Tesla. Despite the mixed reviews, fans who purchased the Cyberbeer still have the unique Cybersteins as a collectors’ item to add to their Tesla merchandise collection.


Q: What is Tesla Cyberbeer?
A: Tesla Cyberbeer is a limited edition beer released by Tesla, designed to resemble the Tesla Cybertruck. It comes in matte black ceramic bottles and includes Cybersteins.

Q: How much does Tesla Cyberbeer cost?
A: The Tesla Cyberbeer package is priced at $150 and includes two bottles of beer and two ceramic Cybersteins.

Q: What are the reviews of Tesla Cyberbeer?
A: The reviews for Tesla Cyberbeer are mixed. While some fans appreciate the design, others have criticized the quality and taste of the beer.

Q: Is the negative reception likely to affect future Tesla special edition products?
A: No, despite the mixed reviews for Tesla Cyberbeer, it is unlikely to have a significant impact on the release of future special edition products by Tesla or Elon Musk.