New Article: EVgo Introduces Prefabrication for Faster EV Charging Construction

EVgo, a leading EV charging provider, is revolutionizing the construction process of charging stations by incorporating prefabricated modules. This innovative approach aims to significantly reduce installation time and construction costs, while also enhancing the overall EV driver experience.

By streamlining the construction process with prefabrication, EVgo can cut the average installation time in half and save approximately 15% in construction costs at suitable sites. This design is scalable and features six fast charging stalls per unit. The prefabrication module not only standardizes EVgo’s construction process and station layout but also utilizes a modular skid. This approach is currently being tested in key markets across the United States to ensure it yields the expected cost and time savings.

In addition to expediting construction, EVgo’s prefabrication method incorporates various features to elevate the EV driver experience. These include seamless integration of Wi-Fi infrastructure for improved cellular connectivity, as well as the future-proof design of the prefabricated skids that can accommodate lighting, security cameras, and canopies for shade and protection from inclement weather. The use of synthetic turf over the skid frame provides cushioning to safeguard connectors, ensuring better station reliability.

The prefabrication process involves assembling all charging equipment, including dispensers and power cabinets, in a single base frame at a fabrication facility. The fully assembled module is then transported to the fast charging site via a semi-truck, enabling quicker deployment timelines and consistent, high-quality assembly in a controlled environment.

By leveraging the expertise of skilled staff for the most complex tasks and collaborating with local electricians for electrical work, EVgo ensures proper installation and minimizes the risk of operational problems caused by improper installation.

“The prefabrication model is critical to scaling EVgo’s network and building the infrastructure needed to meet the growing demand for public charging,” said Dennis Kish, EVgo COO. “Not only does it save time and cut costs, but it also enhances the customer experience by providing popular features drivers want.”

EVgo is currently implementing prefabrication projects in several locations across the United States. The initial deployment of this method will take place in Texas, with construction set to begin this month. EVgo plans to carry out numerous installations using prefabrication next year.


1. What is EVgo’s prefabrication method in EV charging construction?

EVgo utilizes prefabricated modules to streamline the construction process of charging stations. This approach involves assembling all charging equipment in a single base frame before shipping it to the fast charging site. It aims to reduce installation time by 50% and save around 15% in construction costs.

2. What are the benefits of EVgo’s prefabrication method?

The prefabrication method allows for quicker deployment of charging stations, consistent assembly in a controlled environment, and future-proof designs that enhance the EV driver experience. It also minimizes the risk of operational problems caused by improper installation.

3. In which locations is EVgo implementing prefabrication projects?

EVgo is implementing prefabrication projects in various locations across Florida, Nebraska, North Carolina, and Texas. The initial deployment of this innovative method will take place in Texas, with construction starting this month.

4. How does EVgo aim to attract new customers through its partnership with Hertz?

EVgo has partnered with Hertz to offer discounted charging to drivers renting any EV model at Hertz locations nationwide. This collaboration provides an opportunity for EVgo to secure new customers, as some renters may ultimately decide to purchase an EV after experiencing its benefits firsthand.