Toronto Seeks Public Input for Electric Vehicle Charging Network

Toronto is facing a shortage of public charging stations for electric vehicles as the city aims to transition to net zero emissions by 2040. Currently, only about two percent of the city’s registered vehicles are electric or plug-in hybrids, but the city wants to increase that to 30 percent to reach its emissions goal. The lack of charging infrastructure has become a concern for many potential electric vehicle owners who worry about finding places to charge their cars.

The city is now seeking public input to develop a comprehensive charging network that addresses the needs and concerns of vehicle owners. Toronto’s Executive Director of Environment and Climate Division, James Nowlan, emphasized the importance of having enough chargers to make residents comfortable with switching to electric vehicles. The goal is to provide convenient charging options throughout the city, both in public and private sectors.

To gather feedback, Toronto staff have been conducting a fact-finding mission, soliciting information on where, when, and how much charging infrastructure is needed. Vehicle owners and residents have the opportunity to share their input through an online survey or at an in-person meeting. The findings of this study will be presented to the city council in early 2024.

The development of a robust charging network is crucial for achieving Toronto’s emissions reduction targets and encouraging more residents to adopt electric vehicles. By involving the public in the planning process, the city hopes to address concerns and ensure that the charging network meets the needs of its residents.

Sources: Global News