Family of Adam Fresquez pleads for answers in his death investigation

The family of Adam Fresquez, who was shot and killed four months ago, is growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of answers in the investigation into his death. During a recent meeting with the Edgewater City Council, Fresquez’s cousin, Kim Santoya, pleaded for the case to be taken over by a “more credible agency,” suggesting that the local police department may be ill-equipped to handle a complex investigation.

Edgewater Mayor John Beltrone acknowledged the family’s frustrations but assured them that the Edgewater Police Department would be presenting the case to the First Judicial District Attorney’s office in the coming week.

Fresquez, a 33-year-old man, was fatally shot on May 3 at a Tesla charging station in Edgewater. The police department had previously asked the community for any information about a possible disturbance or road rage incident leading up to the shooting.

Fresquez’s family alleges that he was pepper-sprayed before being shot, and they claim that the police initially told them the shots struck him in the front, not the back. The family also expressed concerns of racial bias, suggesting that if the roles were reversed, Fresquez would have likely been arrested and charged immediately.

The Edgewater Police Department has stated that they hope to release some public information about the case within the next two to three weeks. Mayor Beltrone advised the Fresquez family to stay in touch with the police chief and assured them that he would be available to support them.

While the family continues to await answers, they hope that the involvement of the district attorney’s office will bring a fresh perspective to the investigation and lead to justice for Adam Fresquez.

– Edgewater City Council: The governing body of the city of Edgewater, responsible for making decisions on behalf of the community.
– First Judicial District Attorney’s office: The district attorney’s office responsible for prosecuting criminal cases in the First Judicial District of Colorado.

Sources: The Denver Gazette