Fast Charging Hack for Electric Bikes: Transforming Charging Times

Many electric vehicles (EVs) boast fast charging capabilities, but electric bikes and scooters are often left behind with their slow charging times. However, one enthusiast, going by the name [eprotiva], has revolutionized the charging experience for his cargo bike.

Typically, Level 2 electric vehicle chargers output power at 7 kW, designed for overnight charging of EVs. [eprotiva] ingeniously converted this power down to 60 V DC to fit his DJI Agras T10 battery, allowing him to charge his battery from 20% to 100% capacity in just 7 minutes.

Originally, [eprotiva] set up this fast charging solution to maximize the regen capability of his bike. However, he soon discovered that the setup had an additional perk: fast charging.

To achieve this, he uses a Tesla (NACS) plug, as it is the most commonly found destination charger. An adapter also allows him to connect to a J1772 Type 1 connector. The EV charging cable is then converted to a standard 240 V computer cable, which supplies power to a drone charger. This charger can be set to “fast charge” and subsequently feeds power into the battery unit. Interestingly, some chargers do not start charging until after the first five minutes, making it even cheaper to power the bike.

For those who want to witness this ingenious hack in action, [eprotiva] has even shared a video on TikTok.

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– Level 2 electric vehicle charger: A charging station that outputs power at 7 kW, typically used for overnight charging of electric vehicles.
– Regen capability: Referring to regenerative braking, the ability of a vehicle to recover and store energy through braking.
– EV charging cable: A cable specifically designed for connecting an electric vehicle to a charging station.
– Drone charger: A charger designed for battery packs used in drones.

Source: eprotiva (user on TikTok)

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