The Highly-Anticipated Suzuki Jimny XL Set to Hit Australian Roads Soon

The first-ever Suzuki Jimny ‘XL’ with five doors has recently been registered for Australian roads, creating a buzz among off-road enthusiasts. Michael Pachota, the General Manager of Suzuki Australia, delighted fans by sharing an image of the highly-anticipated Jimny XL on social media. The vehicle was spotted donning personalized number plates that cleverly reference the Jimny’s nickname, ‘JBOX,’ and its newly confirmed ‘XL’ designation.

While customers eagerly await pricing and specifications, Suzuki has announced that this information will be revealed on December 5. The arrival of this announcement comes just in time for potential buyers to make their decisions before deliveries are scheduled to begin between January and March 2024.

The Suzuki Jimny XL, which will be manufactured in India, will share the same non-turbo 1.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine found in its three-door counterpart. This powertrain will be paired with either a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic transmission, as well as a part-time four-wheel-drive system.

Although the Jimny XL is expected to offer similar features and equipment to the three-door model, its larger size may lead to a higher price tag. Currently, the three-door Suzuki Jimny starts at $30,490 plus on-road costs for the manual ‘Lite’ variant, while the top-of-the-line GLX automatic version begins at $33,490 plus on-road costs.

The introduction of the five-door Suzuki Jimny XL has generated immense interest, with over 1500 pre-orders already in the books. With its enhanced practicality and iconic off-road capabilities, the XL variant is poised to become a popular choice among adventure-seeking Australians.


Q: When will the pricing and specifications for the Suzuki Jimny XL be available in Australia?
A: Pricing and specifications for the Jimny XL will be released on December 5.

Q: When can customers expect deliveries of the Suzuki Jimny XL?
A: Deliveries are scheduled to begin between January and March 2024.

Q: What will be the starting price of the Suzuki Jimny XL?
A: The starting price for the Jimny XL is yet to be confirmed but is expected to be higher than the three-door model, which starts at $30,490 plus on-road costs.