Major Police Operation Leads to Arrest of Five Teenagers in Melbourne

In a major police operation in south-east Melbourne, five teenagers were arrested following an aggravated burglary that occurred overnight. The incident began when police were called to a home in Brighton after reports of a break-in around 12:20 am. The residents of the home had disturbed an intruder who then fled from the scene.

During the investigation, it was discovered that a 2015 Mercedes Tourer, valued at approximately $70,000, had been stolen from the property. Police on patrol spotted the stolen vehicle on the Nepean Highway, heading towards central Melbourne. With the assistance of the air wing, officers tracked the car’s movements as it traveled through St Kilda Road, Southbank, and onto the Monash Freeway before crossing the Bolte Bridge. The driver of the stolen car was seen driving at speeds of up to 170km/h.

Eventually, the stolen car was found abandoned in Yarraville Gardens. Five individuals were observed running from the vehicle and jumping fences into nearby properties. Police units, including the dog squad, cordoned off the area. Two youths were apprehended on the roof of a home, while two others were found attempting to hide in a backyard shed. The fifth teenager was arrested in a backyard.

The arrested individuals, four males, and one female, range in age from 15 to 17. They are currently assisting the police with their inquiries. Detectives are also investigating whether the teenagers were involved in another aggravated burglary in Bentleigh before they were spotted by the police. In that incident, another vehicle was used and subsequently abandoned after crashing into a parked car.

The teenagers are expected to be interviewed about the aggravated burglary, theft of a motor vehicle, and various traffic-related offenses.

Source: Nine News