Ford Ranger Plug-In Hybrid Set to Take on the Competition in Australia

The Ford Ranger is about to receive a major upgrade, as the popular ute is set to become the first plug-in hybrid in its class. This move is expected to bring about the biggest shake-up in the ute market in decades.

The introduction of the Ford Ranger plug-in hybrid is a significant development for Australia, as it marks a major shift towards more sustainable transportation options. This new model will not only deliver the power and performance that customers expect from a ute, but it will also offer the added benefits of improved fuel economy and reduced emissions.

Compared to its competitors, the Ford Ranger plug-in hybrid is expected to offer a unique combination of power, efficiency, and versatility. With its electric motor working in tandem with a traditional combustion engine, this ute will be able to offer both impressive fuel efficiency and the ability to go off-road with ease.

In terms of range, the Ford Ranger plug-in hybrid is rumored to offer an electric-only range of around 50 kilometers. This will allow drivers to complete shorter trips without using any gasoline, thereby further reducing their carbon footprint.

While the Ford Ranger plug-in hybrid is the first of its kind in the ute market, it is unlikely to remain the only one for long. As more automakers recognize the demand for electric and hybrid vehicles, it is expected that other ute manufacturers will follow suit and introduce their own plug-in hybrid models in the near future.

Overall, the introduction of the Ford Ranger plug-in hybrid is a promising step towards a more sustainable future for the ute market in Australia. With its combination of power, efficiency, and off-road capabilities, this new model is set to take on the competition and offer customers a greener alternative without compromising on performance.

– Ute: A utility vehicle, commonly referred to as a ute, is a vehicle with an open cargo area at the back, similar to a pickup truck.
– Plug-in hybrid: A type of hybrid vehicle that can be charged by plugging it into an external power source, typically an electric outlet. It combines a traditional combustion engine with an electric motor.

– Article: Stephen Johnson for Daily Mail Australia
– Image by Ford Australia (source not provided)