Ford Files Patent Application for 6×6 Conversion Kit for F-150

Ford is reportedly looking to offer a bolt-on third axle conversion kit for its best-selling F-150 pickup truck, according to a recent patent application. The conversion kit, aimed at improving payload capacities, could also include a fifth-wheel coupling with a subframe extension, giving the F-150 near-heavy-duty levels of capability.

Unlike companies like Hennessey Performance, which focuses on high-horsepower upgrades and 6×6 conversions for off-road enthusiasts, Ford’s 6×6 conversion aims to cater to truck owners who use their vehicles for work purposes. The kit would allow owners to upgrade their truck’s capacities without having to switch to a heavy-duty model, potentially boosting Ford’s profits without requiring changes to its production lines.

The patent application reveals that the extension kit would include sleeved extension components to accommodate the extra axle, allowing for the incorporation of a load-leveling system. Additionally, Ford’s design drawings suggest the possibility of an alternate propulsion system, possibly using an electric motor to power the third axle, although details on the battery pack are not mentioned.

While patent applications often remain in the conceptual stage and may never come to fruition, this potential 6×6 conversion kit holds promising prospects for Ford. It offers practical benefits for workers requiring enhanced payload capacities while also catering to the market’s demand for unique and attention-grabbing trucks. Furthermore, the possibility of an electric propulsion option opens up new opportunities for improved performance and efficiency.

It remains to be seen whether Ford’s 6×6 conversion kit will become a reality, but if it does, it is sure to generate excitement among truck enthusiasts and could even become popular content material for social media platforms like YouTube.

– CarBuzz