Genesis GV60 Standard: The Efficient and Affordable Choice

The 2024 Genesis GV60 Standard has just been announced, offering an entry-level option that is not only more affordable but also boasts a significant range improvement. Priced at $52,000 (plus $1,195 DST), the Standard trim presents a compelling choice with its EPA combined range of 294 miles, surpassing the Advanced trim’s 248 miles by a notable 46 miles or nearly 19 percent.

What sets the Standard version apart from its Advanced counterpart is its use of a single 168-kilowatt motor for rear-wheel drive, as opposed to the Advanced trim’s two motors and all-wheel drive configuration, resulting in a system output of up to 234 kilowatts. Additionally, the Standard version features 19-inch wheels instead of the 20-inch wheels found on the Advanced trim. Both variants share the same 77.4 kilowatt-hour battery pack capacity and are equipped with a heat pump.

Notably, the recently listed EPA range and efficiency ratings reveal that the increased efficiency of the Genesis GV60 Standard accounts for the majority of the 46-mile range difference. By opting for a single motor and smaller wheels, drivers can maximize their driving range while also benefiting from improved energy consumption. The 2024 Genesis GV60 Standard achieves an energy consumption of 112 MPGe or 301 watt-hours per mile, compared to the Advanced trim’s 95 MPGe or 355 Wh/mi.

The efficiency gains not only result in extended range but also reduce energy costs per mile and potentially alleviate strain on the battery pack, reducing the need for frequent charging. For individuals who prioritize efficiency and cost-effectiveness over power output and additional equipment, the entry-level Genesis GV60 Standard presents an attractive option.


Q: What is the main difference between the Genesis GV60 Standard and Advanced trims?
A: The main difference lies in their powertrain configuration and wheel size. The Standard trim features a single rear-wheel drive motor and 19-inch wheels, while the Advanced trim utilizes two motors for all-wheel drive and comes with 20-inch wheels.

Q: Does the difference in efficiency affect the driving range?
A: Yes, the increased efficiency of the Genesis GV60 Standard translates to a significant range improvement of 46 miles or nearly 19 percent compared to the Advanced trim.

Q: Can I save on energy costs by choosing the Genesis GV60 Standard?
A: Absolutely. The Genesis GV60 Standard’s higher efficiency not only extends the driving range but also reduces energy costs per mile, making it a cost-effective option for eco-conscious drivers.

Q: Will the Genesis GV60 Standard strain the battery pack less?
A: Yes, the improved efficiency of the Standard trim can potentially reduce strain on the battery pack, resulting in less frequent charging and increased longevity.

Q: Are there differences in range between the rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions?
A: Yes, despite sharing the same wheel size, the all-wheel drive versions exhibit a range difference of over 10 percent compared to the rear-wheel drive models.