Gentari Charge Go and BMW Partner for Mobile EV DC Charging

BMW Group Malaysia has announced a partnership with Gentari to introduce the Charge Go mobile electric vehicle charging solution. Designed to address range anxiety and charging availability concerns among EV users, the Charge Go solution utilizes specially-outfitted Proton Exora units with a 30 kWh battery pack and the ability to output up to 30 kW DC. These units are equipped with CCS2 or CHADeMO connections, providing flexibility for charging different types of EVs.

Displayed at the BMW Group Malaysia House of Forwardism event in Kuala Lumpur, the Proton Exora units are available in a white-and-blue scheme for BMW and a yellow-and-black scheme for MINI. In addition to these units, Gentari also offers a converted Toyota Hiace with a 60 kW battery pack and up to 30 kW of output.

While pricing and areas of availability are still being determined, BMW Group Malaysia plans to initially roll out four mobile charger vehicles later this year. These vehicles will provide a convenient solution for keeping EVs charged when they are deployed for prolonged running in events and trade shows.

In addition to the mobile charging solution, BMW Group Malaysia has also introduced an unlimited charging package for owners of BMW and MINI electric vehicles in Malaysia. This package can be purchased for either RM2,400 for BMW owners or RM1,800 for MINI owners and offers unlimited charging at all ChargEV, JomCharge, and ChargEV facilities nationwide for 12 months from the date of activation.

Source: BMW Malaysia, Gentari Charge Go

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