GM’s Q3 EV Sales Show Progress with Ultium Vehicles

GM has released its Q3 delivery numbers and it seems that their EV sales are on the rise. The standout performers were GM’s first Ultium vehicles, the Cadillac Lyriq and Hummer EV. This suggests that GM is finally making progress with their Ultium platform.

However, when compared to GM’s overall non-EV sales, the Q3 figure of just over 20,000 EVs sold is relatively small. Despite the company’s claim of being “all-in” on EVs, EVs represent only a small percentage of total sales.

The Bolt continues to be the best-selling EV for GM, with a total of 15,835 units sold in Q3. This is a 13% increase from Q2, making it a solid performer. It’s noteworthy that the Bolt is set to be discontinued at the end of this year, yet it continues to sell well. This can be attributed to its affordable base price of $26,000 and its recognition as Electrek’s Vehicle of the Year.

As for Ultium-based vehicles, GM has faced challenges since the beginning. Sales have been sluggish, but this quarter shows signs of improvement. The Hummer EV, which had previously struggled with low sales, saw a significant increase, with 1,167 units delivered in Q3. Similarly, the Cadillac Lyriq set a new record with 3,108 units delivered, more than double the previous quarter.

This progress is crucial as GM prepares to launch mass-market Ultium-based EVs in the near future. A few deliveries of the Chevy Blazer EV and Silverado EV were already included in the Q3 results, indicating that customer deliveries are starting. GM recently opened order requests for the Blazer EV, and the increased sales of the Lyriq and Hummer give hope for strong demand.

In addition, 35 Zevo 600 vans from GM’s electric last-mile delivery arm, BrightDrop, contributed to the total of 20,092 EVs delivered in Q3, marking a 28% increase from Q2.

However, despite these positive developments, GM still has a long way to go to fulfill its promise of being “all-in” on EVs. The 20,092 EVs delivered in Q3 only account for around 3% of GM’s total sales, which is below the national average. GM will need to continue ramping up EV production and reducing the production of gas vehicles if they want to deliver on their EV commitments.

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