The Vatican Takes a Green Leap with Electric Vehicle Partnership

In a remarkable move towards sustainability, the Vatican has recently entered into an agreement with Volkswagen to gradually replace its entire vehicle fleet with electric cars. This groundbreaking partnership aligns with the Vatican’s Ecological Conversion 2030 plan, which aims to adopt environmentally friendly practices and technologies within the city state.

Although specific details regarding the contract’s value and timeline remain undisclosed, this collaboration underscores the Catholic Church’s commitment to a greener future. Pope Francis himself has been an influential advocate for environmental stewardship, and this transition to electric vehicles exemplifies his dedication to driving positive change.

The Vatican’s existing agreement with the Volkswagen Group will encompass medium and long-term leases, designating the renowned carmaker as the top strategic partner for the state’s car park renovation project. The Pope, renowned for his modest transportation choices like his current reliance on a Fiat, will switch to Volkswagen and Skoda vehicles for his official journeys.

This ambitious endeavor also includes plans to install additional electric vehicle charging stations throughout the Vatican’s territory. By ensuring that the city state’s energy needs are solely met through renewable sources, the Vatican aims to reduce its carbon footprint and lead by example in embracing sustainable practices.

Pope Francis, recognized for his unwavering commitment to addressing climate change, is set to make history as the first pope to speak at a UN climate conference during the upcoming Cop28 meeting in Dubai. The Vatican City State administration further emphasized its dedication to pursuing net-zero emissions technologies and sustainable transportation projects, further solidifying its resolve to minimize environmental impact.


Q: What is the Vatican’s Ecological Conversion 2030 plan?
A: The Vatican’s Ecological Conversion 2030 plan is a comprehensive strategy aimed at implementing sustainable, carbon-neutral initiatives and technologies within the city state.

Q: What vehicles will the Pope be using after the switch?
A: The Pope will be switching from his current Fiat to Volkswagen and Skoda vehicles for his official transportation.

Q: What are the Vatican’s plans to address the charging needs of electric vehicles?
A: The Vatican intends to increase the number of charging stations throughout its territory to cater to the growing demand for electric vehicles.

Q: What events will the Pope be attending that highlight his commitment to environmental issues?
A: Pope Francis will be the first pope to address a UN climate conference during the upcoming Cop28 meeting in Dubai, showcasing his dedication to tackling climate change.