Hop Electric Mobility Surpasses Expectations with Festive Sales Boost

Jaipur-based electric two-wheeler manufacturer, Hop Electric Mobility, concluded the festive season on a remarkable high. With an astounding achievement, the company delivered over 500 electric vehicles (EVs) to customers during the festive days. By offering special discounts and enticing offers, Hop Electric Mobility successfully attracted a large number of customers, resulting in this phenomenal sales milestone.

Customers had the pleasure of receiving their new electric scooters and motorcycles, specifically the LEO and LYF e-scooters, available in both low-speed and high-speed options. The HOP e-scooter range, which starts from ₹69,000 (ex-showroom), catered to a wide range of budgets and preferences. As part of the festive promotions, customers had the opportunity to purchase the LYF e-scooter with an EMI option of just ₹1,899 per month, while the HOP LEO e-scooter was offered on an EMI of ₹2,199 per month. The OXO electric motorcycle, on the other hand, could be acquired through a monthly EMI of ₹3,499.

The Founder & CEO of Hop Electric Mobility, Ketan Mehta, expressed his satisfaction with the festive season’s success. Mehta acknowledged that the sales momentum had been building up even before the festive days, with over 71,000 electric two-wheelers sold in the previous month, according to government estimates. Recognizing the festive season as a unique opportunity for individuals to embrace sustainable mobility, Mehta expressed gratitude to the customers who placed their trust in Hop Electric Mobility and shared the common goal of contributing to a greener future.

In addition to the attractive offers and discounts, Hop Electric Mobility also facilitated convenient purchasing options for customers. They introduced zero percent down payment schemes, benefits of up to ₹5,100, and flexible EMI plans across their entire product range.

The phenomenal success of Hop Electric Mobility during the festive season serves as a testament to their dedication to providing high-quality electric vehicles and their commitment to sustainable transportation. As the company looks ahead, it aims to build on this momentum and continue shaping the future of electric mobility in India and beyond.


1. What products does Hop Electric Mobility offer?

Hop Electric Mobility offers a range of electric scooters and motorcycles, including the LEO, LYF e-scooters, and the OXO electric motorcycle.

2. What were the special offers during the festive season?

During the festive season, Hop Electric Mobility offered special discounts, zero percent down payment, benefits of up to ₹5,100, and flexible EMI plans.

3. How many electric vehicles did Hop Electric Mobility deliver during the festive days?

Hop Electric Mobility delivered over 500 electric vehicles to customers during the festive days.

4. What factors contributed to the success of Hop Electric Mobility during the festive season?

The success of Hop Electric Mobility during the festive season can be attributed to their special offers, discounts, and attractive EMI options, which attracted a large number of customers.