Hyundai’s Nicola Danza Talks About the Redesign Process of the Santa Fe

Nicola Danza, Hyundai’s exterior design manager, recently discussed the challenges they faced during the redesign process of the Santa Fe. According to Danza, the goal was to create a completely new and revolutionary design that would appeal to customers in America, Europe, and Hyundai’s domestic market.

Danza explained that many cars in the SUV segment tend to look the same, with a focus on a slanted and sporty appearance. However, Hyundai wanted to do something different with the Santa Fe. They sought to create an “anti-design” car that would be practical and boxier. The idea was to return to a more pure and functional design.

To achieve this, the design team questioned the necessity of each line and feature on the car. They wanted to make sure that every element served a practical purpose. Danza even showcased a model with square wheels as a provocative demonstration of the boxy design approach.

While some people have compared the new Santa Fe to the Land Rover Discovery 4, Danza sees a resemblance to the first Jeep Grand Wagoneer. He drew inspiration from product design, which is often logical and practical, and aimed to create a raised station wagon aesthetic.

The Santa Fe will be available in various configurations, including a Calligraphy version in Korea that is lowered with big wheels, and an off-road version in America with lifted suspension and larger wheels.

Overall, Danza expressed his excitement about working at Hyundai and praised the creative freedom and opportunities for experimentation that the company provides. He believes that nurturing creativity is essential for designers to continue pushing boundaries and avoiding boring and conventional designs.

– Original Article: Interview: Nicola Danza talks TG through the process that brought about the sharp-edged Santa Fe
– Image: Hyundai Showroom