New Partnership Between Hyundai and Amazon to Revolutionize Car Buying in North America

Hyundai, the renowned automotive brand, has recently announced a groundbreaking partnership with e-commerce giant Amazon. This strategic collaboration will transform the car buying experience by offering customers the option to purchase Hyundai vehicles directly through the Amazon website. With this initiative, Hyundai becomes the first automaker to have its cars available for sale on the Amazon store, marking a significant milestone in the automotive industry.

By joining forces with Amazon, Hyundai aims to tap into the vast consumer base and seamless retail capabilities of the e-commerce platform. Customers in North America will now have the convenience of searching for Hyundai vehicles within their local area on Amazon, using filters such as model, color, trim level, and other features. In addition, finance options will be available to make the buying process even more accessible and flexible for customers.

Upon completing the purchase, customers can choose to have their vehicles delivered directly to their doorstep or to their preferred Hyundai dealership. This flexible delivery option allows customers to tailor their car buying experience to their individual preferences. Furthermore, an exciting integration awaits Hyundai owners, as Amazon’s popular voice-activated digital assistant, ‘Alexa,’ will be seamlessly integrated into Hyundai’s infotainment systems starting from 2025. This integration will enable Hyundai owners to utilize Alexa not only within their vehicles but also in their homes, expanding the capabilities of voice-activated functions, such as controlling home devices like air conditioning and checking home security.

In addition to revolutionizing the car buying process, Hyundai has also selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its preferred cloud provider, underscoring its commitment to becoming more data-driven. This collaboration with AWS will enhance Hyundai’s manufacturing and supply chain operations through technologies such as data storage, generative artificial intelligence, and the internet of things. By leveraging AWS’s expertise, Hyundai aims to streamline its operations and support the development of connected vehicles.

While the partnership between Hyundai and Amazon is set to revolutionize the car buying experience in North America, the availability of this service for customers outside the region, including Australia, remains uncertain. As such, Australian customers may have to wait for further updates before being able to access Hyundai vehicles through the Australian Amazon store.


Q: Can I purchase Hyundai vehicles directly through Amazon?
A: Yes, Hyundai has partnered with Amazon to offer customers the option to buy Hyundai vehicles directly through the Amazon website.

Q: Is Hyundai the first car manufacturer to have its vehicles available for sale on Amazon?
A: Yes, Hyundai is the first automotive brand to partner with Amazon and have its cars listed on the Amazon store.

Q: Will finance options be available for purchasing Hyundai vehicles through Amazon?
A: Yes, customers will have access to finance options when purchasing Hyundai vehicles through the Amazon platform.

Q: When will the integration of Amazon’s digital assistant ‘Alexa’ into Hyundai’s infotainment systems begin?
A: The integration of ‘Alexa’ into Hyundai’s infotainment systems is scheduled to start in 2025.

Q: Has Hyundai chosen Amazon Web Services as its preferred cloud provider?
A: Yes, Hyundai has selected Amazon Web Services as its preferred cloud provider to enhance its data-driven operations and support connected vehicle development.