EV Owner Shocked by £40,000 Battery Replacement Cost

A car owner was left stunned when he discovered that he would have to pay £40,000 to replace the battery in his electric Porsche Taycan. The owner, known as The MacMaster on YouTube, had taken his vehicle to a garage in Leeds hoping to fix the battery issue but was hit with the astronomical cost instead.

Initially, the owner expressed his concern about potentially having to replace the battery, but his hopes were lifted after receiving the technician’s report. It revealed that the battery compartment was undamaged and there was no issue with the car itself. The problem could have been attributed to a software glitch.

The owner recalled an incident on the M1 motorway where a piece of wood from a lorry hit the underside of his car, causing it to overheat and resulting in charging problems. Despite this, he expressed relief that there was no actual damage to the battery compartment.

This situation is not unique, as many electric vehicle owners have faced frustrations with their cars. Matt Watson from Carwow also recently experienced issues with an EV during a road test. In a YouTube video, he highlighted several problems he encountered with the Jeep Avenger, including the indicators making an unpleasant sound and comparing it to a poorly-made synthesizer from the ’80s.

It is important for EV owners to be aware of potential issues and costs associated with battery replacements. Taking precautions to prevent damage, such as avoiding encounters with debris on the road, can help minimize the risk of expensive repairs.

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