EV Owner Almost Stranded on Motorway After Car Loses Charge While Parked

An electric vehicle (EV) owner recently shared his experience of almost being stranded on the motorway after his car lost charge while parked. The owner, known as The MacMaster on YouTube, had to drive his electric Porsche Taycan from Heathrow Airport to Mansfield, a distance of 146 miles. However, he only had 44% battery left at the start of the journey.

Upon returning from his trip, the owner was shocked to find that his car had lost even more charge while parked in a long stay car park. He estimated that the battery had dropped to around 44% from the initial 48%. The owner speculated that the security features of the car may have contributed to the battery drain.

As a result of the low battery, the owner had to make a stop on his way home to charge the car. Frustrated and disappointed, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the infrastructure and reliability of electric cars. He compared the experience to driving a diesel or petrol vehicle, claiming that the current state of electric car technology is “pathetic.”

This is not an isolated incident, as many EV owners have faced similar frustrations with their vehicles. In a separate case, car expert Matt Watson from Carwow had a negative experience with a new EV that broke down four times while he was driving it. He highlighted several issues with the car through a YouTube video.

While the popularity of EVs continues to rise, incidents like these highlight the importance of improving the charging infrastructure and addressing reliability concerns in order to enhance the overall ownership experience.

Sources: The MacMaster/YouTube, Carwow