Electric Vehicle Owner Almost Stranded on Motorway Due to Unexpected Battery Drain

An electric vehicle (EV) owner recently shared his experience of almost getting stranded on the motorway when his EV’s battery unexpectedly lost charge while it was parked. Lee, who goes by the name The MacMaster on YouTube, had to drive his electric Porsche Taycan from Heathrow Airport to Mansfield. However, he only had 44% battery left to complete a distance of 146 miles.

Upon returning from his trip, Lee discovered that his vehicle had lost charge while it was parked in a long stay car park. He expressed his surprise, saying that he had more than 44% charge when he left the car there. He speculated that the loss of charge might be due to the security features of the vehicle.

To continue his journey home, Lee had to stop to charge his car. Frustrated and disappointed, he criticized the infrastructure for electric vehicles and called the idea of electric cars “pathetic.”

This incident is not an isolated case. Other EV owners have also faced similar frustrations with their vehicles. Car expert Matt Watson from Carwow recently tested a new EV and experienced multiple issues while driving it. In a video on YouTube, he highlighted five things that annoyed him about the car, including the indicators making a strange sound resembling beatboxing.

While these incidents highlight the challenges and frustrations that some EV owners face, it’s important to note that the EV market is still growing, and improvements are being made to address issues such as range anxiety and charging infrastructure. As more EV models enter the market and charging networks expand, the adoption of electric vehicles is expected to continue increasing.

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